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12 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Rental Home

12 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Rental Home

Who Am I?

My name is Tanya Jensen, I am a Property Manager and owner of Envy Property Management in South Ogden, Utah. At EPM we manage single-family homes, commercial, and multi-family up to small apartments in Davis and Weber Counties. I am a fellow DIY Landlord and I grew up in a small town in southeast Idaho, helping my grandparents and parents manage their duplexes since I was very young. I’ve been managing my own investment properties for over 15 years and I’m currently invested in over 130 doors in several states. I am obsessed with processes, procedures, and checklists.

Who Are You?

  • You are 1 of thousands of Landlords who own a rental home(s). 
  • You are an investor. 
  • You likely have another job or interests you need to budget time for. 
  • You might be overwhelmed with all the tasks involved with proper rental management, or even unaware of all the tasks that need to be done. 
  • You most likely have received little if any training on how to efficiently manage a rental property.


Presentation of your rental home begins with rehab, tenants want a clean presentable home to live in!

Present a Property That is at Least Slightly Above Average, consider rehabbing the following:

  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Lights
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Fixtures
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Shower/Tub
  • Yards/Landscaping

3 Reasons Why Rehab Matters:

  1. For every $1 invested in rehab, you’ll get back $1.50-$2.00 in increased rents
  2. You will add value back into your property
  3. You will attract a higher quality tenant

*A Great Home Attracts a Great Tenant*

Adding Value Back With Rehab:

We recently remodeled a 2 bed, 1 bath duplex built in 1963:

  • Condition: Original cabinets, tile flooring
  • Project: Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, New Flooring, New Paint, New Plumbing Fixtures, New Exterior Doors, New Light Fixtures, Added a Dishwasher
  • Rent Before Remodel: $650 per unit
  • Rent After Remodel: $1,060 per unit (63% increase)
  • Additional $9,840 in rent per year 

Presentation of Your Property During Tenant Move-in:

  • Use a Tenant Move-in Checklist
    • We use a checklist with over 25 Items Including items such as:
      • Rekeying of Locks
      • Checking all appliances
      • Replacing burned out lightbulbs
      • If you are interested in ours, email and we will email you a free copy. 
      • Include a Welcome Bag!


  • Use professional photographs
  • Write detailed descriptions
  • Put a sign in the yard (if possible)
  • Put an ad on Zillow
  • Put it on Facebook Marketplace
  • Put it on Craigslist
  • Put it on Instagram
  • Ask current tenants for referrals


It typically takes 7-14 showings to rent a home. If you have had over 20 showings and no applications, you likely have a marketing problem, a pricing problem, or a presentation problem.

*These three areas are the foundation of your rental business.*