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How To Prevent Mice From Making Your Home Their Home

How To Prevent Mice From Making Your Home Their Home

No matter where you live, mice often seem to be a fact of life. Although some may think these little devils are cute, the reality is rats and mice are carriers of more than 35 diseases, and have been linked to the spread of everything from the Hantavirus to the Bubonic plague.

Just because these pests may find themselves inside your home doesn’t mean you have to live together. Hiring an exterminator may kill the ones living inside your home, but it doesn’t prevent them from coming back in again. With these genius tips below you will be free of these scoundrels in no time.

1. Fill in holes and gaps with steel wool

Mice can chew through just about anything, including drywall, cardboard, and insulation. Even if they did chew through steel wool, they would be dead before they made it too far. Go around the outside of your entire house looking for any gaps around pipes, cantilevers, and utility lines. Once a gap is found, shove as much steel wool into it until the gap is completely closed off. 

2. Use Moth Balls

Moth balls are a strongly scented moth deterrents that can scare away mice too. Place a few moth balls around the outside of your house, especially in those places where you filled in the gaps with steel wool.

3. Keep your yard and landscaping cleaned up

Cleaning up any areas where mice can find a warm place to hide will help keep mice uninterested in your home. Keep shrubs and bushed trimmed away from your home and dispose of any unneeded foliage.

4. Fill in any foundation gaps

It’s amazing how a mouse can squeeze into the smallest of openings. Take a look at your foundation and fill in any gaps that may be allowing these pests to sneak in.

5. Keep food out of your garage

Garages are an easy target for mice to sneak into. Don’t give them any reason to want to stay by keeping food stored anywhere inside. 

6. Set Traps

There are many options out there for mouse traps and bait. Do your research and see what works best for your situation and be proactive at getting these set out to capture and eliminate them for good.