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Property Marketing: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in Salt Lake City, UT

Property Marketing: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in Salt Lake City, UT

Property Marketing: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in Salt Lake City, UT

Around 64% of renters want to move in the next three years, which shows that landlords must get creative by attracting tenants.

Finding quality tenants is essential for protecting your investment and earning a monthly income. But if you're unfamiliar with attracting tenants, you may not know where to pour your efforts.

Sounds like your situation? Luckily, we're here to help. Here are our property marketing tips to attract quality tenants in Salt Lake City, UT.

Know Who You're Targeting

Before creating a property marketing strategy, figure out who you want as a tenant. You may, for example, prefer to accept young families compared to students. Once you've decided, it will be easier to reach your desired audience and reduce your rental vacancy rate.

Write a Detailed Description

A surefire way to attract tenants is by engaging with property listings. Write a detailed description of your property and share its unique selling points. Aside from listing the amenities, include the lease duration, rent rate, and additional fees.

Further, showcase reviews and testimonials from previous tenants. This simple move gives tenants peace of mind knowing you're a great landlord and the property is worth their money. Also, if you haven't already, ask previous tenants for feedback about their experience and how you can improve the property.

Invest in Professional Photography

If you haven't already, hire a photographer to snap photos of your property. Although professional photography is an investment, these professionals understand how to capture each room in the best light, which will intrigue tenants. A bonus is finding a photographer who offers virtual tours to bring your property to life.

Offer Move in Specials

Another great way to attract tenants is with move in specials. Use incentives to leverage your competitors and show prospects you value them. The beauty is that you can be creative with your move in specials, depending on your preferences.

Common specials include the first month rent-free, lower or no security deposit, or waived additional fees.

Update Technology in Your Property

Tenants want to live somewhere with adequate technology, so make the necessary upgrades. Make sure you offer high-quality internet and modern appliances like a dishwasher or dryer. It's also wise to invest in a robust security system, so tenants feel safe in your property.

Hire a Property Management Company

Figuring out how to screen tenants is stressful, which is why you should hire a property management company. Property managers know how to target and screen applicants so your investment isn't at risk. Plus, property management companies will collect rent and handle maintenance requests for you.

Our Property Marketing Tips to Attract Tenants

You now have a list of property marketing tips to put your plan into action.

At Envy Property Management, we are passionate about helping our clients find tenants for their properties in Salt Lake City, UT. Thanks to our experienced team, we will guide you through every step along the way.

We'd love to chat if you're interested. Contact us today to chat with a member of our team.